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  • "The KØL pipe is perfect for pipe-lovers who want to step up their pipe game"

  • "Best Pipe"

  • "Most innovative pipe"

  • "I can’t remember the last time I smoked multiple bowls without coughing once"

What's in the box

3 filters

Technical Specifications

Length: 150 mm / 5.9”

Dimensions MINI
Length: 113 mm / 4.4”

Ergonomic design
Magnetic assembly
Hassle-free cleaning
Thermo-conductive cooling
Filtering technology
Lifetime warranty
Vortex cooling

Titanium coated stainless steel filter
Anodized, recyclable aluminum
Rare-Earth magnets

How to

We promise that
every KØL is...

KLIP mini and KØL mini
A match made in heaven

Meet the family

We promise that every KØL is...

Built to last with a lifetime warranty

Built to last with a lifetime warranty

We designed KØL with our own hands and have built it to last. So, if something goes wrong, ever, we’ll sort it. It’s as easy as that.

Respectfully created

Respectfully created

Made from recyclable aluminum, then packaged in cork and biodegradable plastics.

Hassle-free cleaning

Hassle-free cleaning

Just snap open and give it a quick wipe, or wash it in the sink with your pots and pans.

Easy for all

Easy for all

Designing with medicinal users in mind pushes us to make the most intuitive and simple products for everyone.