Growing Potential
By almost all measures hemp is a wonder crop.     Grown specifically for its industrial properties, it was one of the first plants to be spun into a fiber by humans and is still one of the strongest natural...
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The Shoulders On Which We Stand
Issac Newton famously said that if he had seen further than others it was by “standing on the shoulders of giants” While our design team is an extremely talented bunch, they’d be the first to admit their work stands on...
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Natural Purity
We love nature because of its purity.     As designers, we marvel at evolution as the purest system of design - with Mother Earth perfecting every feature through millions of years of naturally selective trial and error.    as...
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Danish Design Explained Simply
Danish design is a design philosophy from Denmark. There you go, I said I’d keep it simple.    For those who want a bit more detail, it’s roots can be traced back to around 1915. Radically, for the time, craftspeople began...
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