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US Nationalism: The spiciest weed strains for this 4th of July

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America is all about freedom, and weed is slowly becoming more free than ever in the good ol’ USA: at least 15 states in that country have legalized (or at least decriminalized) pot within their borders, and with the 4th of July as close as it is, is time to bake something other than apple pie: the best and most American strains, the ones you want to get high as Benjamin Franklin’s kite this patriotic day.

So prepare the BBQ, gather around some of your favorite people at home, and prepare to watch the best fireworks shows of your life, because the joints you will roll with these strains could make a bald eagle cry. Enjoy, patriotic potheads!

Starting with the classics: OG Kush

Straight from California, heart of the Hippie movement in the 60’s, you cannot get something with more American history cred than some good OG Kush. But what is OG Kush? An indica-derived variety, this one one of the first that got popular in the West Coast, with a citrus flavor and earthy aroma that is perfect for the summer. Literally your dad’s (or even grandpa’s) weed, this classic strain gives a nice, but not exaggerated, high that will make you think of muscle cars, pretty girls and a relaxing day at the beach. Start this 4th of July with style!

A little grunge flavor: Sour Diesel

Another strain from the West Coast, this one is a nice throwback to the grungy, grimy carefree days of the early 90’s: a strain that feels like teen spirit, flannel shirts and MTV. So if you want to relieve the days of Gen X, or find yourself craving something retro, Sour Diesel is for you. A sativa-derived strain, this is the one you want if you are looking for something with punch, with an energizing effect that’s perfect for the marathon of preparing food and doing the traditional 4th of July beer runs. Pungent, stringent and with a strong earthy mouthfeel, this is what Grunge tastes like.

Enjoy the cold in the summer: Alaskan Thunderstruck

Coming from up north, the Alaskan Thunderstruck strain of weeds give you a jolt of cold straight from the snowy landscapes of Anchorage. A strain with an almost mythical lore behind it, it is said to have origins in Russian pot with some Afghan genetics thrown in, making it completely different from most other American strains. Anyway, what does all this heritage mean to you? Well, prepare for an intensely euphoric high that can last all day, depending on the strength of your particular blend. It is a very skunky-feeling strain, with some menthol notes spreading around, that can make you feel refreshed after the hit. Cold as a summer beer!

Feeling the full power of the Force: Skywalker OG

You may not be able to move things with your mind after taking a bong hit of Skywalker OG, but you will feel like you can: a mostly Indica strain (up to 85% for the stronger varieties) with a crazy high amount of THC that will last you the entire day, just as the Founding Fathers intended to be. This one is also another strain that hails from California, with some OG Kush mixed in, that are recommended in very small doses if you are not a seasoned pothead. However, if you are, then get ready for a big, euphoric punch in every hit, as it has a spicy flavor (courtesy of the Dark Side, no doubt), with an herbal aftertaste. As a fun fact, this is the strain most commonly used in medical treatments, as the strong effects of this strain is great as a pain reliever. July the 4th be with you, padawan!

You’ll crave what this strain is named after: Girl Scout Cookies

A very popular strain nowadays, it almost needs no introduction: Girl Scout Cookies offer a sweet and pleasant aroma, a gentle kick-up, and a nice chill to relax after the traditional 4th of July BBQ feast. This strain, also descended from the OG Kush, is popular basically everywhere, so it’s also easy to come by, especially during a holiday when cannabis is in high demand, pun intended. This sativa-adjacent strain is also very good as medical treatment, such as chronic pain, and offers the total body relaxation you are looking for.

A version for every taste: Green Crack

The best part of the Green Crack is that it is bipartisan: it doesn’t matter if you are sativa-leaning or indica-leaning, there’s variety for both. So with this, you may understand why this strain is so popular, besides getting people to laugh when high as Mount Rushmore: no matter how much you like your Green Crack, you can find a variety just for you, which is also a hit during parties with people of many tastes. This one is also excellent for a daytime chill, as it keeps you energized, and alert. Just in time for the morning rush to the store!

Another classic to keep you relaxed: Bubba Kush

And finally, to bring this full circle, a contemporary of the OG Kush whose popularity has never waned, and it’s perfect for the summer festivities of the 4th of July: the one and only Bubba Kush. With notes of chocolate and coffee, this is a more playful variety that makes for great cannabutter, if you want to give a little oomph to the dessert table this year, and it has an intensely relaxing effect that you may like, just be sure to not miss the fireworks!

So there you have it, strains so American that you will be able to spontaneously recite the Pledge of Allegiance from beginning to end. Weed strains have a lot of variety in the USA, so if you want to celebrate this 4th of July as you should (baked to heck and back), just remember that weed will be in high demand around this holiday, so prepare well and bring your best bowl to the party and your best herb accessories to be the most popular at it.

Not even George Washington could have such a continental party. Happy fireworks!


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