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Transdermal Cannabis: Is It Really For You?

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Right now, we are living a Golden Age” of cannabis of some sort, where we are finally starting to see changes in attitude towards weed, the benefits you can derive from its consumption, and a generally more relaxed outlook on people who opt to take advantage of the effects of this plants, which can go from mere fun to downright medical marvels. It’s no secret, for example, that cannabis is becoming more and more researched and analyzed for medical reasons, helping manage chronic pain, and in some cases, even having positive effects in more serious conditions, like tumors. 

To say nothing of the myriad of ways we have now to consume cannabis; it’s not just the traditional blunt or pipe, but edibles, tinctures, drinks, and even patches can be used to get the high you need during a given day. And we would like to talk about that last one: patches. Yeah, just like nicotine, transdermal cannabis is becoming a popular new way to get the desired effects from weed which brings along a therapeutic relief that could change the way you consume cannabis from here and out.

So the question is: are cannabis patches for me? Will I have the effect I want, or maybe I should stick to smokes or edibles? So today, here at HØJ, we want to discuss transdermal cannabis, pros and cons, and everything you should know to decide if these patches are perfect for you. Thanks for reading!

But what exactly are transdermal cannabis patches?

You may have heard before of nicotine patches, which many people use to ease off the usage of cigarettes (and the addiction that often comes with it), and the way they work is actually pretty interesting: the natural heat of your body activates the dose contained within the patch, letting very specific amounts penetrate the skin directly into the bloodstream. In the case of nicotine patches, the idea is to help people stop their dependence to tobacco by giving the body a “fix” that doesn’t involve smoking, gently letting someone reduce their dependence.

Of course, in the case of cannabis there’s not really any addiction or dependence you should worry about, so the weed patches you can find today have different purposes that might be interesting for anyone interested in the benefits that cannabis has for you. For one, transdermal patches, when applied over any part of the body with veins, are a very discreet way to obtain the nice, chilling effect of weed, as you can wear them as you go about your day without anyone noticing. But is that all? Because there’s a number of further advantages that are worth discussing, and that could help you decide if these kinds of patches are for you, and if they fit your overall lifestyle and goals. Things such as…


1) They last for a long time.

Different methods of consuming cannabis will last different amounts of time, depending on the strength of the dosage. A strong joint or edible, for example, could last for several hours, up to seven or more, but could also knock you down for the day. Patches, on the other hand, don’t offer a very strong immediate effect (as skin is not as efficient as ingesting or smoking pot directly), but as long as you have the patch on, you will have a lowkey but constant effect, which is great for treating chronic pain, or just getting enough of a pleasant high that still leaves you functional, which is also why more “low-quality” weed is still popular. Some people just want to chill while working or cooking without worrying, after all.


2) They work slowly.

In that same sense, another great thing about cannabis patches is that, as we mentioned already, they don’t immediately hit you, but actually work in the “background” of sorts, easing you into the high, which is great for newbies that might be interested in chilling out, but who don’t like to smoke, or don’t jive with the flavor of cannabis (which, granted, is kind of an acquired taste for many). So by only applying a patch and letting the good stuff flow, this is a great option to keep in mind next time you need to relax.


3) Great dosage control.

Controlling the dosage of cannabis was always been a delicate art; it depends a lot of the cannabis strain of your choice, your personal resistance to it, and what you are trying to get from a particular weed session; maybe you want to get high as a kite during a party, maybe you want to chill a little before starting work, and so on. In this case, patches can be a godsend, as the dosages they often offer are pretty well calibrated, as most of them are meant to treat illnesses with very specific requirements. And even if the effects are too strong for your tastes, you can just remove them and stop at your convenience. 

Choosing the right patch for you

Okay, so you are interested in patches now. Great! However, you might find tons of options and alternatives out there that might be somewhat difficult to parse through. Don’t worry, here at HØJ we have some pointers to help you make the right choice and get started. The first thing you should do is look at the ratio between THC and CBD contents, as they will indicate the effect they will provoke in you. 

For example, patches with a higher concentration of CBD are meant to treat anxiety, stress and other similar ailments, meaning they are best as just relaxing you and helping you go through a difficult day. Alternatively, patches with a higher content of THC are designed for chronic pain and more physical illnesses, and they can get you a lot higher than a CBD patch. Of course, you can find patches with a healthy balance between the two, so it’s a matter of thinking what do you want from this new way of consuming cannabis, and try different brands and options until you find one perfect for you. With that, what do you think of transdermal cannabis? Is this an option attractive to you, or would you prefer to stick to a traditional, no-nonsense joint? Or with edibles? One thing is true: right now, you have more options than ever, so take advantage of that and find the cannabis presentation that fits you. You will find a whole new world very fun to explore and enjoy. 

Thanks for reading!

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