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Top Cannabis Events Around The World You Must Attend

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With the rise of cannabis reform, many people have realized that the marijuana vacation industry is very lucrative. There are more and more companies that offer trips with the added advantage of being able to enjoy weed. Despite being a sector that didn't exist a few years ago, cannabis tourism is booming , and has taken many forms, including festivals, competitions, tradeshows, rallies and vacations.


420 Festivals

Cannabis-related gatherings and festivals are becoming increasingly popular. But not only musical events of the stature of international artists. Many local communities express their support for cannabis culture and support normalization through the organization and promotion of local events related to weed.

The increase in relatively new activities such as bazaars, stand ups, markets, talks, artistic demonstrations, cultural and recreational activities are reinvented by adding a cannabis touch to intensify experiences in a good way.


Seattle's Hempfest: Protestivals

If you are one of the people who are always willing to make a change even on vacation, this destination is a must for you. Seattle's Hempfest is now in its 30th year; the motto of this event is “freedom first and the cannabis plant second”.

This hemp festival successfully combines a political rally and a demonstration against the criminalization and imprisonment of those who consume weed, in a festive atmosphere. It features exhibitions and speeches by cannabis experts in all fields, as well as live music, shows and street food.


The Brightside Festival

If you are looking for a dream vacation with the advantage of being able to consume marijuana you should try this out. Enjoy all the luxuries of an all-inclusive beach resort, plus one that's tolerant with weed. “The Bright Side Festival'' in Runaway Bay, Jamaica is the place to be.

Enjoy this exclusive tropical getaway consisting of four nights of shows with the Caribbean Sea at your feet. This vacation destination is also famous for its relationship with weed. Offers Bob Marley tours and excursions to places of interest for marijuana fans.



Spannabis is a well-rounded getaway that never disappoints. This gigantic fair is in its eighteenth edition. Held every March in Barcelona, it is more than 300 exhibitors together with a competition between professional growers, prizes for the best products by category, music, art and gastronomy make this event one of the best holidays related to weed.

Spannabis also includes the “World Cannabis Conference”, which always brings interesting news in the fields of science, medicine, and politics. You will be able to attend conferences by different professionals in the sector; visit stands and consult information on services and products of all the exhibiting companies, download catalogs as well as interact with the participants.

Check out HØJ at Spannabis, one of the awesome cannabis brands that are part of this huge tradeshow in Spain. HØJ's CEO, Simon Folmann was also interviewed by Jamie from Thermidor, at Spannabis 2023 check the video here to know more about them. 

CannaTrade International Cannabis Expo

CannaTrade has been running since 2001, making it the oldest cannabis trade fair in Europe and established in Switzerland. Here you will find more than 250 exhibitors, where you can see and buy a wide variety of cannabis and CBD products.

If you are looking to “relax” you can visit the Chillout zone. If you are hungry, you can visit the Hemp Food Festival. You can also make business contacts in the Business Lounge. The “Joint Roll” contest is very popular in Switzerland. The winner is the fastest roller and also the one who makes the most beautiful joint. Did you know, last year's contest winner received 100 grams of pure gold.


The CBD Show

The CBD Show will be held at the Olympia in London. Here 100 international traders and 50 speakers meet. Anyone can attend this cannabis fair, but the first two days are only for people in the CBD business.

There are retailers, distributors, wholesalers, but also pharmacists and e-commerce merchants. In addition, policy experts, members of the government and the European council attend this large-scale networking event.

CBD is becoming more and more popular, and this is evident from the fact that CBD is used in many sectors. Many of these sectors are represented at the CBD Show event. CBD is used in beauty products, in food and beverages and in medicines. There are also speakers in the field of politics and government.


Mary Jane Berlín

Mary Jane is one of the most varied and relaxed cannabis fairs in Europe. It's not even a real fair, but a festival. In recent years , this event has attracted an average of 30,000 visitors, who not only came to see the stands, but also enjoyed a cultural program, conferences, talks and live music.

In the meantime, you can also enjoy some good food, including cannabis edibles. Learn about CBD products, from capsules to cosmetics. Hemp cultivation, smoking accessories, vaporizers, hemp oil and much more. Why is CBD so reachable? That's because it fits in the category of  wellness, besides low dose products are the ones that usually initiate someone consuming marijuana. Most first-time smoker's, or older people will choose low dose products or CBD. In marketing, CBD often seeks to position the brand's products as tools for improving health and wellness. And a lot of people support it, there's a lot of evidence that allows CBD in this category. 



From professional grow and processing equipment to financial services, you will meet over 1,400 industry suppliers in the Expo Floor and hear some insights from 180 speakers. This event is mainly educational and focused in building your cannabis community within intimate networking for top-level executives, first-timers and special interest meet-ups.

Some of the topics being discussed in this expo are:

  •         Cultivation products and services
  •         Processing, packaging, and lab services
  •         Retail and dispensary
  •         Business services
  •         Technology, like inventory control software
  •         Security
  •         Marketing and many others.

MjBiz is a classic one for those who want to understand and know what's next in the cannabis industry. You will get the latest political landscape, actionable takeaways, and be able to ask industry leaders your questions about your business.


Amsterdam Cannabis Expo

Every year, more than 10,000 industry professionals come together to do business, discuss the latest trend and experience developments first-hand. Thousands of industry experts, including representatives of all cannabis industry players for more than 100 countries gather at this expo.As the other events this is an educational business expo, so anyone can attend.

If you are going on a vacation soon to Europe and you're looking for cannabis experiences, here are other suggestions that might work for you:

  • Hanfexpo: Wien, Austria.
  • Cannabis Business Europe: Frankfurt, Germany
  • IndicaSativa: Around Italy 


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