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The Social Weed Etiquette of “Cornering"

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We know how fun and awesome it’s to get together with some friends, chill out and share a bowl during an idle evening. Still, as with any other social interaction, you should know that this may come with some unspoken rules of etiquette that any good stoner must abide by.

After all, nobody likes to be the one that messes up a moment of R&R, so this time we bring you a tip for the next time you and your friends are using a pipe to smoke weed, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the best possible hit: cornering your green.

What is that? Well, it’s a method to avoid burning too much green at once, letting every smoker after you get less of a hit afterward. It requires some practice to get it down, but if you master it, you are making sure everyone enjoys the sweet sensation of weed as much as you, which is a nice thing to do. So ready?

Step 1: It’s all about the angles, baby

First of all, it’s about dividing the grounded herb in the pipe bowl into equal parts, like slices of pizza, with the aim of only lighting up what you are going to inhale. After all, the first hit is always the best, but burning too much before anyone else gets their turn results in a mediocre hit.

So divide what went into the bowl into three or four parts, and light your corner only by tilting the bowl carefully and aiming the flame sideways, which is easier to do with a good lighter. So don’t be cheap!

Also, having a well-grounded herb is important when cornering, so make sure you have the perfect grinder. Here you can get one of the best in the market!

Step 2: Inhaling seals the deal

Now, this is the tricky part that requires practice: after you light your corner of the bowl, you need to inhale in a way that doesn’t burn the rest of the weed. Many of you love to inhale deeply to get the most of the hit, but don’t worry; most of the best stuff gets smoked in the first few seconds, regardless of how strongly you inhale.

So take it slow and steady to produce a controlled burning, being careful not to get too greedy. Remember, the point of cornering is to make sure the person next gets to enjoy their full green, so it’s an excellent consideration to have.

As we said, you will probably need some practice to be a skilled “cornerer”, so next time you light a bowl for yourself, why not try and perfect your technique?

Step 3: Be the coolest person to share a bowl with

As many said, sharing is caring, especially when you make an effort to ensure everyone is enjoying a good session. Weed is getting popular, so it’s going to be more common to bring a pipe with its bowl full of herb to share with friends with little stigma, so it’s important to start developing your etiquette soon.

If you are looking for the correct pipe that would help you get through this, we highly recommend KØL 2.0 pipe made out of amazing materials and assembly would make your life easier not only when “cornering” cannabis but also when cleaning it. Now you are ready… show your smoker techniques and be the cool friend that knows how to share the green!


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