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The Myth Of Holding The Smoke Debunked

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If there is something that weed has around it, are myths. Speculation, myths, and all sorts of theories exist around this plant and its effects. Disinformation and a huge amount of misunderstanding creates this problem.

What is said about weed between your friends and the people in general is mainly speculation. If the strain is indica or sativa, then why does it hit differently than the last time, considering they’re supposed to be the same thing? What are the real factors that will influence your high? And what are absolute nonsense theories? Let's figure out.


Hold the hit gets you higher?

So, let's debunk some street theories about weed. The first and very popular, is holding the smoke. It has happened to me multiple times, that I’m smoking with friends and some dude randomly says, “brah hold the smoke as much as you can, so you get higher”. This silly superstition is so well believed that it has games regarding it. Like when you are smoking in a circle and have to hold the smoke until the joint reaches you again. So, there you are, holding your breath, holding your cough, with crying eyes desperately waiting for your release upon your turn.

Since when smoking weed was about forcing yourself to suffer? Nonetheless, do not listen to this one crazy dude, he is crazy. This superstitious guy is always staring at you with his crazy red eyes, is the same crazy kid in school that turned his eyelid upside down and scared the girls and probably even flashed his genitals randomly. Yeah, we knew at least one of these mates, the special crazy ones. After a few awkward seconds of silence, he is just like, “did you feel it?”. Holding his crazy intent  look without even blinking. And you are just there agreeing in pure pressure. You are high, but that is supposed to  happen because I mean, we are smoking weed, not because we tried to hold the smoke and torture our lungs further.

It is not safe don't do it. It can hurt you in the long run. And, I mean, this is one of the most famous “underground” practice with weed. But it is totally useless. As soon as the smoke reaches your lungs THC is absorbed in your blood. The lungs can transfer gas in very small amounts in nanoseconds. It happens almost instantly. Up to 90 percent of  all THC  is absorbed almost immediately  upon inhalation.

Some might say, oh no I have done it and it works. I feel dizzy and higher. Well, anyone who privates his brain from oxygen for a while will have those effects. If you want to get “higher” just using legal drugs, let's generalize weed and alcohol. Hold the smoke, while holding it, drink as much beer as you can, when you feel you can’t hold it any more, put the bottle down and release the smoke. Alcohol is the key to a similar high, after a few you will feel it. A trick for cheap binge. Not safe, but cheap.


Eating mango before smoking gets me higher?

I have heard this one too. Source? Of course a bunch of stoners that have nothing better to do, my best mates. We were younger, you know, and we were excited to try this “being super high” trend. There we were buying some mangoes, and eating them pre smoke, I dared to ask, “Hey mate, who told you this one?” He goes like “Robert did”. Curious I asked again, “Who told Robert this?” He spoke that John did, and I knew this chain would never end with an actual answer to why we are doing this. 

Everybody looked at me judging. There was a discrete feeling of scam in the air. But no one wanted to accept it. Did we play fool? Did it work? No one knows. And no one talked about it. You know I’m no scientist, if you know the scientific proof that mango actually gets you higher please let us know in the comment section.

Between scientific proof and speculation and an argumentative speech there lies a huge difference. Many people plant myths relying on their ability to cover abstract concepts against scientific proof which is scary when talking about weed.


Your relationship with weed is personal, unique, and unrepeatable

Hate me, but my personal consideration is kind of abstract and may end up in aporias. But everybody responds in a unique way to different stimuli. Chemically, this produces different responses to what is consumed, it might be a food, a medicine or a drug. Psychologically, everybody reacts differently to their environment, and the affecting factors like values, childhood, traumas, character or even bloodline makes a person be themself.

So I don't believe something that is generalized can affect people in the same way. Weed is a thing, and generalization leads to nothing. For example, people generalize “weed gives you mental disorders” I’m just like what? A shitty childhood gives mental disorders, weed just lets you look through it. The same way your high depends totally on yourself. And nothing affects it more than you. You have your unique high depending on how you were and how you are. I think the only tangible factor that seems valid is that, most people agree on how much and often they smoke. That is also a real thing.


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