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How to Determine Good Weed

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Weed has gained an exponential popularity over the last few years. Thanks to different social movements and recent research about all the benefits and medical uses that cannabis can bring to the body, people are changing the way they view cannabis.

As a result, there are thousands of farmers and brands working together to bring delicious, effective, and life changing products. However, some unreliable retailers and suppliers may appear offering you bad quality weed and products with the intention of just making profit. This is the reason why it is important for you to know how to tell good weed from bad weed, as a bad product can be really harmful or dangerous for your health.

In a world where millions of different options exist, knowing what you should avoid is the best way to get the bad out of your way. In this article, we will discuss some simple methods you can use to be sure and verify that you are getting good quality weed. 

How to Know if You Have Good Weed

First, it is important to go over the common terms you are going to hear or use most when you are looking for good weed. When we talk about “flower”, we refer to the dried and cured female cannabis plant's blooms, often called nugs or buds. Cannabis flowers are typically intoxicating due to the THC content in it, which is the primary indicator of psychoactive effects and its euphoric potency. However, there are types of cannabis flowers which contain a lower THC rate and are higher in CBD content. This will produce less intoxicating effects while you'll still get all the medical benefits that CBD has to offer.

The cannabis plant has different strains, each with unique characteristics. When you are buying your flower, the strain you get will reveal many important information about how good or bad it is. Here are some factors you should take into account to determine good weed.

  • Trichomes: the more crystals you can see in the surface of your bud, the higher the THC content is. Trichomes contain all the cannabinoid and terpene content of the flower. A bud that has been carefully dried and cured will have a thick coating of trichomes, meaning it will most likely have a great amount of cannabinoids.
  • Appearance: a good weed should always look green, sometimes with flecks of orange or purple. Moreover, when the bud has a lot of orange hairs, it means your weed was well pollinated and is a matured plant. However, if your weed looks brown and opaque, it means that it is not as good, and it could even contain mold, pesticides, or other chemicals that can be harmful for your health. 
  • Contaminants: if you see something weird covering your cannabis flower, you should avoid smoking it. Make sure to check your weed nugs for mold or little bugs before rolling up. Additionally, if you see any white threads that look like a spider web, that’s probably spider mites.
  • Trim job, sticks, stems and seeds: this is not necessarily an exact way to tell good weed from bad weed. Nevertheless, good weed should have very few sticks and stems just holding the bud together, and there shouldn’t be any seeds at all. The thicker the bud, the better. A well-trimmed bud without extra leaves or stems shows that cannabis was carefully packaged, and whoever grew or sold it takes care of their product. 
  • Texture: the texture of weed is also very important. Good weed should be in that sweet balanced spot, a mix of not too wet, not too dry and sticky. If it feels like that, it means your weed was properly cured. On the other hand, if your bud feels dusty to touch, that probably means the weed is totally dried out and it will burn too fast.
  • Smell and taste: a good cannabis flower has the characteristic of having a fresh and dank smell that you should be able to detect very easily. If you can smell that loud dank or that strong cannabis musk scent, you are in the presence of good weed. Bad cannabis will basically not smell like cannabis. Most of the time it will smell like hay or fresh cut grass. This usually means the weed was badly grown and improperly dried and cured. The taste should always be fresh, and it should have a unique terpene profile. Basically, if it doesn’t smell and taste like cannabis, it is better not to smoke it.
  • Trust in the experience: with a discerning eye, nose, and a little bit of information, even novice weed smokers can be able to easily tell good weed from bad weed. However, if you are new to cannabis and you don’t know what weed should smell or taste like, it is better for you to smoke with people you trust that already know how to get high-quality buds.

There are hundreds of weed strains grown by thousands of cultivators across the nation. The ideal thing would be to find the right strain that suits your personal body chemistry. For this reason, it is important to always go to cannabis specialty shops and get the help of a budtender. Moreover, avoid buying weed at a gas station, since not all of them sell quality weed, or even weed at all. It is your responsibility to always make sure you are getting reliable and quality cannabis for your body and mind.

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