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Awkward Truths About Weed

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Many of us already know the tolerance breaks. We know that sometimes marijuana doesn't hit the same level anymore, and we decide to leave it for a while, anxious to be able to have the effect it had when we started smoking.

The first time that I quit smoking after I’ve been smoking for a long time I noticed two things. First I had trouble sleeping. And personally, I think it's difficult to accept and also somewhat controversial to accept that marijuana is great, but it is not good, it is not bad either, it will be judged depending on the circumstances. But it can be kind of embarrassing with myself when I call a friend at midnight asking for a bud because if I don't, falling asleep might be a problem.

And that is a tiny guilt, you know? I’m not assaulting a seven eleven to buy crack. But many of us completely ignore the little red flags of marijuana. Why? I believe that many of us grew up hearing that weed is bad. Society has blindly judged it for so many years that I think that those of us who smoked also blindly defend it or try to prove its innocence. And I think that creates a radical or totalitarian counterpart. Those who think weed is 100 percent bad and those who think weed is 100 percent good. Both positions are wrong, but it seems that pride or ego and ignorance tip the balance toward sterile plates. 

The other thing I noticed when I quit smoking for a while was a better mental clarity. And the truth is that I could tell this to my friends who have never had a weed break and I could expect a sarcastic laugh, some people might feel somehow offended, they would unconsciously defend themselves in this way.

Why is the gap between both positions so remarkable? Why is there no neutrality and acceptance between de pros and cons? When there are so many factors that determine dilemmas to believe what is believed about weed there will never be a truth or reason that is totally real or true. 


People change when they smoke weed, sometimes for bad sometimes for good.

I was once asked, do you agree that those who smoke marijuana become dumber, some say it atrophies the brain, people change they become more stupid. Of course people change, but locking yourself in those ideas and adjectives in particular is foolish. 

I cannot judge the capabilities of a person by their interaction with me. I cannot believe that I have the authority to judge the capabilities of others depending on their level of interaction with me. If you determine that your ideas or thoughts are better off in your head, or if you don't see me as someone you want to interact with, it doesn’t mean you are dumb. 

All this talking about the stigmas of people toward those who smoke marijuana. A change is certain, profound realizations are going to narrow your social circle, some say that elevation requires separation. You may talk less and listen more, psychedelics are clearly going to change your perspective on life and change is inevitable. But no one but yourself can determine if it is good or harmful. And what does the counterpart say about this, a funny meme that is a clear and subtle posture, you are not a being of light, you are a drug addict. And it is that the field of mysticism and spirituality about psychedelics has always existed even thousand years ago. Its veracity falls to the discretion of each one, and each one can make it come to life or not according to their will, criterion or simply capacity of wonder. 

So, again to determine if it is good or bad depends on the individual. You can ask again, marijuana atrophies your brain to the point of being stupid? I will first believe that you are over 40 years old, may be from an underdeveloped country, victim of tabloid press and mass indoctrination. So let's avoid sociopolitical issues to try to make you understand why they made you believe what you believe simply for the benefit of certain industries. And focus on a more abstract but easier way to understand this. First of all, let’s be aware that neither you nor I are right. 

As individuals we have different reactions to absolutely everything, this is how we differentiate ourselves. We all digest proteins differently, some people might be harmed by something, others might not. 

Speaking of marijuana, the same thing happens, but even with greater depth. Because marijuana is a psychedelic drug not only anatomical or biological concepts will influence, influences also the being, the individuality of the subject, his irritability to the environment, concepts such as his childhood, traumas, genes, absolutely everything that makes him exist will influence how he will have a unique and unrepeatable effect in the short, medium and long term. 

Biologically speaking some people may develop psychiatric disorders in a short period of time using drugs. There are those who develop schizophrenia in less than three years, depression, anxiety etc. And those who have been smoking for more than 20, 30, years without any breaks and their mental health and brain capability is like someone who doesn't use drugs. Everything combined, plus habits makes a great difference. So is weed good or bad?

Why is this subject controversial? Why does it divide people in two sides? Why is it like comparing black to white? Why is there such a wide gap between people when it comes to marijuana. I think it’s because we, the people sometimes are very stupid. Let's compare to another no sense controversial theme: racism.

The new racism is not being racist, if we are not racist why we defend so much and there is so much reference to not being racist. As if a black man needed pity on him and needed to be reminded that he's the same as everyone when it is already true without the need of anyone opening their mouths. Black is good, you know? Bullshit, black is not good nor bad it is and that's it. They try to “normalize'' human beings who have nothing abnormal, that's the stupidest thing ever. If we are so equal, why don't we shut up and leave that nonsense behind, or are you trying not to offend a white man, or try to dignify him or say he's good every time you can? It would be stupid. To which I am going the only ones who make these concepts and give them life and energy to something totally meaningless are us, the people.

So is weed good or bad? You know, be prudent, be responsible, if it makes you good is good if don't then it is bad. 

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