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5 Best THC Vape Pens for Beginners to Try in 2022

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THC Vape pens have become a lot more popular lately, and people use them to smoke various kinds of cannabis oil like, marijuana to, CBD to other e-liquids.

These THC vape pens are battery-powered devices which can allow you to have a simplified and clean experience meaning no more wastage. In addition to this, since you will not be incinerating your weed or e-liquid, you will get an enhanced taste and an aroma which can be easily dissipated in the room.

Here are some of the best THC Vape pens for beginners. They have all been chosen for their best build quality, unique design, strong reliability, and astounding performance. Here is the list:


1) Kandypens Special-K:

The Kandypens Special K Black Vape pen is a nice, sleek and stealthy looking rechargeable vape pen built upon the classic design theme. You can buy this THC vape pen if you are someone who likes their vaping devices to be subtle, not very attention-grabbing and prefer old school designs but in a neoclassical format. This vape pen comes with two 1ml tanks, a temperature control battery and three heat settings. You will also get several handy accessories to enhance your vaping experience further. Also, another noteworthy feature is that the company is offering a lifetime warranty on the battery to eliminate customers’ battery-related concerns.

2) Vessel Slate Walnut:

This Slavape cartridge holder te Wood Series combines natural wood and anodized aluminum into one of the most attractive looking and unique designs of vape pens. The moment you will touch this vape pen, you will begin to feel the luxuriousness in its build. Carefully crafted for the vaping enthusiast in you, this vape pen will surely give you a rich feeling and a sense of class too in your social circles. This vape pen runs on a 300 mAh battery, and you will get a total of four voltage settings. Those are ranging from 2.4 volts to 3.6 volts. Regarding charging, you get a magnetic charging socket and cable, which will be compatible with the Vessel charging dock and Rover cases. So you will have to carry it around everywhere you intend to vape since it's a proprietary magnetic connection.



This small yet versatile vaping pen is a robust and stylish THC pen that contains up to 5 power modes. If you are someone who likes a sleek yet attractively designed vape pen with a big battery, then this one's for you. For the battery capacity is rated at 380 mAh in this vape pen, and it is of a lithium-ion type, not the alkaline type. So this means the battery will work fine in most high to low-temperature conditions and hold its charge for a longer duration. 

This vape pen will also provide you with smooth and consistent hits, and this is without any significant burning of your vape coil. It works just fine with most popular 510 threaded oil carts too.

4) Wi-Pod 420:

This is a unique vape pod which is designed for users who like vaporizing thick e-liquids. This vape pod runs on refillable cartridges that utilize ceramic wicking, providing users with a convenient option. The vape coils are also rated at 1.25 ohm, so that's another plus point for those who need a powerful pocketable device. It is both lightweight and convenient to use despite having a relatively tiny weed pipe. The in-built battery is rated at 350 mAh.

5) Vessel Expedition Series:

The expedition series is not only elegant but is also a more versatile and sturdily designed vape pen suitable for those with active lifestyles. If you are always on the move and require something to match your lifestyle, be it exotic or nimble, then this vape pen is for you. It is compatible with 510 threaded cartridges and also has a 300 mAh rated lithium-ion battery. 

You can choose up to four power settings in this vape coil, and by far, this is the most sleek-looking yet powerful vape pen. For charging, this vape pen utilizes a magnetic USB connection, or if you so choose, you can also use the optional charging dock. But for the charging dock, you will have to pay extra.

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