KLIP [kli-p]

Protect the herb, preserve the flavour

  • Easy for all

  • Magnetic Magic

  • Make it your own

  • Slice, don't grind


KLIP is a spice grinder only by name, having been fundamentally reimagined for the first time in over 110 years. This isn't an evolution, this is a revolution.


Slice, don't crush

Unlike traditional herb grinders, KLIP doesn't merely crush your herbs. Instead, its custom-built dual-blades finely slice through them, creating a much fluffier consistency that releases more aroma and flavor. This method also preserves the integrity of the herbs, resulting in a more potent experience with the exact same herbs.

Magnetic elegance

KLIP utilizes opposing magnets to suspend the central pin in mid-air, dramatically reducing its contact with the sides through levitation. This enables an almost frictionless turn. Say goodbye to spice grinders that catch, clog, and break - KLIP spins with ease.

Customize your experience

KLIP’s patent-pending magnetic accessory system comes with three different control discs and a collection mesh, all of which snap effortlessly into place. This means finely sliced herbs for delicate sauces, coarsely cut herbs for hearty stews, and everything in between. Enjoy your cooking experience your way with just a snap

Easy for all

When developing KLIP, we were determined to make it accessible for all, including those with limited dexterity. That’s why KLIP opens magnetically with a twist of only 10-degrees and why, unlike the quarter-turn system most grinders are built upon, it can be effortlessly spun in 1-degree increments. Cooking with herbs has never been so easy!

What's in the box?

With every KLIP you always get


3 Control Discs

1 Collection Mesh

Cork and bio packaging

Available as additional

The Funnel

Fine Collection Mesh

Medium Collection Mesh

Technical Specifications


Height: 57 mm / 2.2”

Diameter: Ø66 mm / 2.6”

Load capacity: 1.6g of material

Capacity: 3.2g


Thread-free magnetic assembly

Patent-pending design

Dual precision blades

Lifetime warranty

Ergonomic design

Hassle-free cleaning

Modular design


Stainless steel

Rare-earth magnets

Anodized, recyclable aluminum

Polished brass

How to


Press the icon to view KLIP 

in Augmented Reality