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What A Real Stoner Must Know

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We all know that stoners can have ranks that are respected, a hierarchy and competence of who could be the next reference of the weed industry. As there is such a wide branch of opportunities and growth regarding the benefits that marijuana provides, it never hurts a little weed. 

If it weren't, the art and music industry would be considerably different, especially rap, jazz, hip hop and street art. Even among our friends is the one who is more “expert”, the one who taught you how to roll a joint and always has good quality weed.

However, we all started without much idea of what can be done. Many start smoking in pen caps, rolling joints that look like Cheetos crunchy. I've even heard friends who rolled joints in bus tickets and notebook sheets. And how to forget the first places where you got some weed. In these underground places and a little unsafe the quality seemed not to exist, they sell something like brown weed blocks full of seeds and branches. 

The good thing is that as the years go by we acquire more experience. And the possibilities and facilities that you discover make the stoner lifestyle simpler. 

That's why here I leave you a list of tricks and hacks that will trigger your chances and make you a real OG in the weed lifestyle. To begin with, the most important thing is that no one ever scam you when buying weed. When someone tries to impress you with a strain with the most exotic name ever. If you live in a country where weed is illegal, there are no regulations, so don't ever trust exotic names, or if there is sativa or indica that's a scam. Go along with the dealer, but know there is only new weed fresh and good looking and old bad weed. Or do you really think the cartel does all the regularization process, they just sell. If in your country it is legal, just go to the dispensary, even though legal weed is also much more expensive, always comes with higher prices. 

Over time you will understand the true value of weed, how it is possible to obtain very good deals regarding quality and quantity. The street is the best place for the best prices, but you need good connections. Don't let  them scam you, anyone can get a considerable amount of marijuana and sell it separately saying it is super exotic and tripling the price. 

The second thing that is indispensable, knowing how to roll. Sometimes among a group of friends is the designated roller. You have to master this practice, eventually be able to be walking and rolling, just kidding, that is already super pro. Just be able to roll a nice joint within five minutes. Here you can roll a joint like a pro (but the link of how to roll a joint)

Another very important thing, if weed is illegal in your country, you have to know how to deal with the police in case they stop you. If you are driving with a little amount, under 7 or 8 grams always be ready to put that bag in your underwear. Make sure that when they check you it is unapproachable.

Stay chill and avoid stupid questions like “why are you pulling me over” or “i know my rights” in some countries is synonym of saying hey officer beat the shit out of me. Is not always the case but those pigs might be dangerous.  

If you have a larger amount or some tools like a grinder or rolling papers, if you can't make sure you can hide it is better to tell the office and negotiate. They are pigs all they want is money, never look scared, negotiate and they will always prefer some money rather than do their job. 

If they look hateful and you feel that they might harm you just because they can, record and hope for the best my friend. Ask for help and try to involve more people if you are in a public space or if other people are approachable. If you are sure that you can run away, run. Only if you feel safe enough. And it is not an everyday situation. I just did this once, when me and some friends were pulled over. One friend began arguing with the police and there were just two of them. And when they tried to subdue my friend I ran away as fast as I could. They didn't have a chance to react and I fled. 


Smoking and drinking

If you like to drink alcohol while smoking weed, well that's a topic. If you just drink and smoke like there is no tomorrow you might have a pale. And the experience is anything but pleasant. First of all, if you don't smoke weed regularly and you are drunk, be a little cautious if you are going to smoke weed. This combination is somewhat unpredictable, it depends on how much you have drunk. If you are very drunk and smoke a little, go easy. Don't smoke a whole joint after drinking a whole bottle of whiskey with your friends. 

If I'm going to combine weed and alcohol, which is delicious, I prefer beer. You don't need to get wasted, one joint and two or three beers are enough. You get a better high and don't get wasted, the next day you will not have a hangover. Or if you want to get wasted, you will last much longer before getting wasted with beer rather than wine, whiskey, tequila, vodka etc. Over time you develop tolerance, the pale will no longer be a problem. Not a great achievement by any means, but it happens you know?


What To Do If You Are Getting A Pale?

What to do if you are very drunk and smoke a bong of a very exotic strain. There are two options, the good scenario is feeling more accelerated and euphoric, you want to light up a cigarette and keep partying. Everything is fine. And the other scenario, let's say you hardly smoke weed, so after that hit you begin to feel kind of dissy, you feel nauseated, then you are done bro. You have a couple of minutes before you can't move, try to hide the feeling, stay still and fight for your life. 

The times I got pale, when I knew the feeling I just wanted to take advantage of my last minutes by finding a nice spot and good position. Because I know, man I'm staying here for a while. So I accept it, because trying to fight the feeling makes it worse. 

It is kind of funny, just embrace the disgrace, bad trips are easy to handle. You can accept it, you better go with the flow, you just put on your seat belt and hope for the best without caring about anything. Breathe and let everything flow, you might vomit  a little is fine, but you must never lose your temper. Stop thinking and start feeling. Sometimes bad trips are just deep realizations of oneself. Hard introspection, which sometimes scares ourselves. You don't have a choice, you might see your toxic behavior patterns, your defects, and you fall into deep and important conclusions. 

It is best to accept and learn, because when it ends and you are sober you might have learned something. Being at peace with yourself, self-confident, loving and accepting yourself, knowing that there are no mistakes if you learn something, the pale and bad trips will cease to exist. Finding yourself and being free, letting go of fear and being in the present, finding balance and watching everything and nothing at the same time in the things we experience, not only the paleness disappears but life improves. 


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