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Weed And Yoga A Boost To Samadhi

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Yoga is a particularly popular meditative hobby. Yoga seeks the union of mind and body, a better state of mental well-being that can lead to spiritual enlightenment. Yoga practitioners use a combination of physical exercises/postures and mental and spiritual practices during sessions.  

The techniques are believed to have originated in ancient India, with origins in the Hindu religion. The main aspects of yoga include breath control along with meditation, as well as the adoption of different body postures. Most yoga lovers say that the main benefits are an improvement in relaxation and health.  

Yoga and marihuana have more in common than we imagine. That’s why some combine these two in order to increase its effect. Both yoga and cannabis are proven and effective ways to relax the mind and body, facilitating a calm and mindful serenity. Many yoga practitioners, or yogis, have found that combining marihuana with yoga amplifies the benefits of yoga.  

In places where marihuana is legal, there are yoga classes that are combined with marihuana use. So, are marihuana and yoga totally compatible or not? 

We can agree that the number of people who take pills for stress or anxiety is crazy. Cannabis and yoga allow you to have a better connection with yourself, help you relax. But, where does this “ganja yoga” come from? Ganja yoga emerged thanks to a Canadian, Dee Dussault, a native of Toronto. Who began to spread it in 2009 in San Francisco.  

Dussault has clarified on several occasions that she replicated a practice that has appeared in Indian texts for centuries: the consumption of substances to raise consciousness combined with postures. Dussault has been gaining popularity in various places in California and began to train instructors in 2018.  


How accepted is ganja yoga?

Marihuana use during yoga is not universally accepted by all yogis. Some feel that the effects of marihuana act as an illusion for the sensations that yoga is supposed to produce without the aid of drugs. Other critical yogis are of the opinion that the pleasurable effects of marihuana remove the ability to focus naturally that is fundamental to the profound mental and spiritual disciplines yoga involves.  

Some yogis even believe that marihuana might make some people more anxious and detached from the real world. These people, what's even the real world supposed to mean. Anyway, for many yoga lovers, the ultimate goal is to reach Samadhi. This is believed to be the final stage of enlightenment, when union with the divine is achieved through deep meditation. Some yoga purists feel that Samadhi should be achieved solely through meditation not assisted in any other way.  

The divisive opinion will always exist between those who are a little more conservative and those who seek to revolutionize. Skepticism is valid, because we do not all share the same ideas. However, a neutral and open stance towards possibilities is important when experimenting new things in order to know individually which is the ideal practice for you.  

Pro weed yogis' main argument is that any element that helps to approach a physical and mental nirvana is welcome. Marihuana is one of the most used drugs to relax in the world and for some people there is nothing that compares to it. So why not combine marihuana with yoga and take peace, tranquility and mind-body union to the next level? 

Anyway, knowing is half the way, I don’t think a little weed will ruin that enlightenment. I think that fanaticism distorts any good ideal, always has done. For something to have legitimacy it must be free and flexible for the individuality of each person. In any case psychedelics have always worked to accelerate consciousness, its functioning and understanding.  


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