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The Apps Every Pothead Must Have

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There is nothing as simple and easy as rolling a joint to sit back and relax for a chill afternoon, maybe after work, maybe before setting to do something fun like watching a movie or going to a concert, and that uncomplicated pleasure is one of the main things that makes us love weed so much. Really, it must be difficult to make this experience better in any way, right?

However, you should also know that today, in our Lord’s year of 2022, technology is quickly becoming a powerful companion to cannabis, and for the modern pothead, there’s plenty of applications, programs and platforms that can make your favorite hobby a lot more easy, interesting, and full of new things to explore. So this time, we at HOJ bring you some of the freshest apps you can download to your phone, and discover a whole new world of weed tech. Hope you enjoy them!

1. Optimize your consumption of weed with Jointly:

No matter what kind of weed smoker/consumer you are, it’s a pretty good idea to keep track of how much pot you use for a given amount of time, and this is what Jointly is for. Designed for smartphones, and available for both Android and iOS, this application aims to help any cannabis user, both recreationally and for health reasons, to track their dosages, as well as some of the after effects (like how hungry, or sleepy, or else you felt after smoking a joint), as well as giving your the option to set goals and reminders every month. 

The app can even recommend dosages, blends and products that you might enjoy after collecting some of your data, as well as strains of flower, recommend edibles, concentrates or tinctures, and everything you enjoy as a cultured cannabis partaker. So if you want to know more about your own habits as a consumer, this is the app you definitely need.

2. Know how much CBD you are getting with Droppy:

Getting an accurate reading of your doses of CBD has always been tricky, although it is important to know it, in case you want to get a very specific kind of high, or to know if your plants are growing the right way. Also, CBD is a component very well understood, with tons of research behind it, so an app like Droppy is a welcome software platform that brings everything together in a program easy and uncomplicated to use.

Simply put, what Droppy does is calculate the best dosage of CBD for you, based on your age, weight, height, prior history of consumption, as well as any symptom you might have after using some cannabis, pulling data from the Internet to effectively create a personalized guide on how much CBD you are putting in your body, and what it might be doing to it.

Even better, you can personalize the type of dosage you are looking for, from exact milligrams, to even drops of the stuff if you consume them directly. Reports are even generated about your monthly or weekly usage, so you can always tweak your sessions to get the best high possible. This one app is also available on Android and iPhone, both a free version and a premium paid one that lets you get the most out of it. So go to your favorite virtual store and get it immediately!

3. For a more strict use, look for Tetragram:

Now, we know that recreation is not always the reason why a person might consume pot; it has legitimate medical uses for many people, and for them, Tetragram is an app that simplifies so many things that it might be worth checking it out. In a few words, what Tetragram offers is a journaling service where you can log and track your medical cannabis usage, where you can write the doses, frequency and information on the strains you might be using for your condition, as well as the products to be used to treat it.

You can even rate specific cannabis products, and seek information from other users in case you need to know more about a new strain or preparation you are considering to use. And, at least if you live in the United States, you can also connect with cannabis retailers and dispensaries to find the locations of the exact product you need, all with a safe and secure platform you can trust. So if medical cannabis is part of your life, this is an app, available for Android and iOS, you can’t miss.

4. For the weed enjoyer growing their own, GrowBuddy:

Growing your own weed is a fun hobby, but oh boy can it be an involved and careful process, especially when you are starting to get the hang of the delicate cannabis plant, so plenty of applications and platforms have been designed to make the life of the dedicated pothead a little more easy. 

However, the best definitely is GrowBuddy, an application available only for iOS, where using a data-driven approach, you can get a lot of information about your private garden, the better approach for the strains you want to get, as well as tips and recommendations to keep your plants healthy, well grown and ready for the actions when it’s time to grind and make the best homemade joint. You can also record the progress of your plants with photos and all the information you need, as well as getting feed for the community of cannabis growers that has been created around GrowBuddy. And if you want something more sophisticated than that, the GrowBuddy 2.0 initiative from the same company, which is a set of tools and advanced hardware that will help you grow more and better pot, thanks to an array of sensors that will let you create, maintain and develop all sorts of microclimates to keep your cannabis plants happy. This, no doubt, is for the pothead that is looking to take a step beyond in their garden, and we cannot recommend it enough.


These are just some of our personal recommendations regarding apps, ranging from medical uses to growing cannabis, that any pothead might want to check out. The hobby of weed is growing (pun intended) in all sorts of ways, and keeping in touch with the latest developments is a must. Please, let us know what you think of them, and if you have any other recommendation, let us know!



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