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How To Complete Your Daily Task If You Are A Lazy Stoner

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There is a certain stereotype that someone who smokes marijuana is lost in idleness, passivity, and procrastination. I could think of a sloth bear with dreadlocks playing PlayStation with a box of cold pizza on the table. Nonetheless, we know that saying the word "lazy stoner" is a generalization towards ALL cannabis users, and the best way to dissolve this lazy stereotype is by being a successful stoner. You can be super ambitious and proactive while being a person who uses cannabis, better named than "stoner". First, let's see that procrastination is not only a problem for stoners, but there are also many factors that determine the level of motivation a person might have and the effects of cannabis on motivation, also some of them known as “stoner symptoms”:

·         Laziness

·         Lack of self-control

·         Fear to fail

·         Developed bad habits

·         Perfectionism

·         The feeling that the work is not urgent

·         Confusion about what is required

·         Negative self-talk

·         Fear of complex and overwhelming projects

·         Multitask


Reprogram your brain

Some of these points are more related to weed than we think, so what can we do to achieve your task while high. First, change your high. Stop smoking for recreation and use weed as a tool, use it for work or daily tasks. There are many people who use weed as a tool for inspiration, motivation, and creativity.

However, you must reprogram your brain so that it associates marijuana with work activities and not chilling. For example, many people advise you not to work in your bed, for it is for resting. And your brain might not let you sleep there at night because unconsciously it is attentive to possible work activities.

It happens the same with weed. If you only use it for recreational activities only as soon as you light up a joint you would like to chill, watch Netflix, or hang out. If this is your case, first stop smoking for at least a week. After this, smoke but don't get baked, and start with simple tasks.

My recommendation, use a pipe so you don't get baked and you can control the amount of weed smoked. As I told you, start day one with a simple task, avoid calculus homework and stuff, and as soon as you get better, do more complex tasks while high, I mean gradually increase the level of complexity.

You can even try to microdose weed, that's the best way to use weed as a working tool. Eventually accomplishing complex tasks will make you more mentally sharp, quick, and creative to solve problems. You will be able to control the “new ideas” that are born from weed, control them quickly, catalog them, order them and prioritize them.

If you accomplish these, eventually weed will put you to work. Because as soon as you light up, unconsciously your brain will be ready and waiting for the next task. It might take you some weeks or even months, but eventually, it works.


Manage your energy not your time

The more we smoke, the more tired we will feel. So, if you have important deadlines, be more attentive to your mood, than your time. Because you might have plenty of time, but after long smoking sessions you would rather chill.

So, be very attentive to your energy, and how weed affects it. I usually smoke the amount doesn't make me trip, that tires and finishing my tasks might be postponed. I also set a reward, I say you can´t get up until you finish. But when you finish we are getting some carl´s junior or whatever. Yes I must agree with myself what are the priorities and rewards, as well as the negative effects of not complying.


Does this mean I can't smoke and chill no more?

Well, look at the great minds who changed the world. People from Silicon Valley, businessmen or successful artists. Most of them do drugs. But how do they do drugs? I think drugs are very important in society, without them we would be lacking a lot of progress. And there lies the controversy, I mean what differentiates someone addicted to crack from someone who creates disruptive software while high.

I believe that the art of self-knowledge is very important. As well as mastery over oneself and prioritization of objectives to be achieved. There is no manual on how to be an exemplary person or a guide to success.

In fact, many times successful people don't even know how they did it, people don't really know what they are doing, but beware, they are doing it. They leave fear behind, and they become creators. Many people prefer to follow indications, while others create the indications, and be one of them, it is better to impose reality than just accept it. They leave the opinions of others behind, and they become free, the path is much clearer when the only intermediary for decision-making is you and does not pass to third parties. Do as you wish, and do not deny yourself, your intuition is because of something.

Successful people know they have a unique and unrepeatable path that they are willing to travel and learn along the way, seeing mistakes as learning. They look in suffering for a meaning to transmute pain into learning. To go far it's you against yourself, if you conquer yourself you conquer the world.

You see, you can achieve your goals while high, but you need to develop a strong character and never fool yourself nor be permissive. Always be honest to yourself and things should go right.


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