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Can You Smoke Weed Out of a Tobacco Pipe?

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First of all, tobacco's curing process and burning attributes are very different from those of weed. Tobacco’s ultimate aim is to produce something that provides a tasty, smooth, and consistent smoke which makes it a relatively complex product. It often burns at a significantly higher temperature than marijuana and is also tighter and more carefully handled.

This offers an atmosphere in which the burning tobacco leaves can reach the other leaves that are in contact with it, making it a persistent burning ember. We have weed at the other end of the scale. Weed is a comparatively easy crop that could be grown and cured by almost anyone to make a smokable product. It's also intended usually for nothing more than to get you high and possibly to taste good. So when designing a marijuana pipe, the general objective is to build a technique for one to use their weed in a practical manner without the smoke loss that is typical in tobacco pipes. 

Pipes have been with cannabis users for thousands of years now. To cherish the tastes, comfort, and a pleasant buzz that is gentler than with a bong, but packs more punch than a joint, every self-respecting stoner should smoke out of a classic pipe at least once.

There are plenty of ways you can smoke your cannabis. Of course, joints, vaporizers, and bongs are some of the favorites. In a variety of types, sizes, characteristics, and designs, pipes are available for everyone. The choice is limitless, from classic hand pipes to bubblers with percolators and everything in-between. However is it possible to simply use a tobacco pipe you might have lying around if you don't have any specialized equipment at hand?

Do Tobacco Pipes Work for Weed?

Yes, absolutely. But what’s different about smoking in a pipe? You can’t clear every hit and the bowl will probably pack a lot more. That is why the carb included in weed pipes is necessary, it was invented because of this issue. If you let the weed smoke sit in the chamber of a pipe for too long, by then it is past its best and doesn't taste good, besides the smoke left in the chamber after a hit is wasted as well.

When designing a marijuana pipe, the general mission is to develop a mechanism for one to use their weed in a practical manner without the smoke loss that is typical in tobacco pipes. Weed does not burn like tobacco for a variety of reasons, one of which is usually not desired by stoners. It isn't an impossibility, though. You will get a self-sustaining ember that will continue for several hits, if not the whole bowl, once you pack a tight bowl and light it well.

How to Pack a Tobacco Pipe with Weed

First, for instance, you can find that the bowl on some pipes may be too big to use as efficiently as you like. You will also need to clean it more often, as you probably don't have a screen that matches the bigger bowl. Screens can help prevent burning pieces of cannabis from being inhaled, but if you don't have a pack of pipe screens that big, here are some handy tricks to consider: a piece of wire or a paperclip can be twisted into shape, also a screen from a faucet head will do.

After grinding your weed, make sure it’s evenly broken down but not too finely ground.  Now, place the product on a flat surface. What you will try to do is to pack at the bottom of the bowl a quantity that  allows for free airflow since the tobacco pipe already doesn’t have a carb; and the weed at the top has to be packed firmly enough to stay lit. To achieve this, the “three-layer” method is perfect to complete the task.

Sprinkle the chamber with some weed until it piles up over the top. Press the tobacco down to around the halfway point before it's compressed. Repeat this step two more times and pack down the tobacco until it's just below the chamber's rim.

Can You Smoke Weed Out of a Wooden Tobacco Pipe?

There are divided opinions about using a wooden tobacco pipe to smoke weed. Wood is porous, and it will absorb the flavor of the weed, so for the great majority it is definitely worth the extra cost to separate the two. Usually, the tobacco pipe is crafted with a semi-porous material ideal for the absorption of the oils created by tobacco, but the weed pit contains resin, which hunks up the pipe and destroys the taste of any tobacco you smoke after.

Other people would prefer to blaze their cannabis through a traditional tobacco pipe because it spices up the sensory experience. The woody undertones of the heated pipe will also add a pleasant touch to your strain's overall aroma profile.

Again the importance of washing your pipe and not using it for smoking tobacco needs to be emphasized. Otherwise, with the leftover tobacco or ashes, you can ruin the whole taste. A wooden pipe can be a nice alternative to how you usually smoke your stuff as long as you are not careless with its maintenance. In addition, if you're just thinking about using the tobacco pipe for marijuana once, you better not do it.

How to Smoke Weed Out of a Tobacco Pipe

Once your bowl is packed correctly, take a draw on the stem. You've done pack it correctly if the draw has a comparable resistance to drinking soda through a straw. However, if you've packed too loosely when it sounds like an empty straw, and  if it's like a dense shake, then it's packed too tight. 

Circulate a soft flame around the top of the tobacco (match or lighter), and inhale with a firm, steady puff. You want all the smoke from the marijuana to go through your lungs to get you high, then it's just a sign of waste to see all of the smoke coming from the top of a burning pipe, be careful this doesn’t happen.  

With minimum effort, the pipe can stay lit. When the draw loosens up as it probably will, to keep the pipe running, tamp gently. 

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